Scrabble Brings Free Wi-Fi to Good Spellers

If you can spell, then you should get free WiFi. At least that’s the idea behind Ogivly Paris’ recent campaign for Scrabble.

Scrabble is rewarding those who can properly spell words — a skill that most grown people should possess but sadly many don’t, especially now with Interwebz speak and spelling becoming more and more acceptable. With the help of Ogilvy Paris, Scrabble set up WiFi hotspots in areas of Paris that don’t normally have WiFi connections. In order to get connected to these special Scrabble Wi-Fi networks, people had to play Scrabble to unlock a WiFi password and get free minutes for their Scrabble points.

Scrabble isn’t the first brand to bring free WiFi to places in a city. Last year Google introduced over 200 free Boingo Wireless-powered WiFi hotspots throughout New York City, including some subway stations.

This is a fun and playful campaign from Scrabble that shows how a brand can encourage people to use its product in a smart and entertaining way in exchange for something useful.

Scrabble WiFi – Case Study from Ogilvy Paris on Vimeo.
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