Quick-Thinking Brand Leaps on Tebow News

The name of the game nowadays for brands is speed and agility. Real-time marketing might be overblown, but jumping on news in a non-cheesy way can pay dividends.

Sports sticker maker is the latest case study in this approach. It had a golden opportunity fall into its lap late yesterday afternoon when the New England Patriots signed controversial QB/evangelist Tim Tebow. Last week, Fathead caused a bit of a stir on Reddit with a sponsored post that responded to a customer who accidentally got shipped a Tebow poster rather than the Patriots QB Tom Brady.

With Tebow and Brady now together, cosmic forces aligned. Fathead, surely at the urging of Reddit’s sales team, got up a fairly clever ad.

So far, Redditors like the move. In fact, judging from the comments, they appreciate brands that actually participate in the community and do so with a sense of humor. There might be a lesson there.

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