Introducing Hashtag Tourism

What describes your ideal vacation vibe? A foodie destination? A party city? Beautiful natural landscapes?

How about #YOLO?

If the latter’s your speed, you’re in luck. Vodafone Netherlands – with the help of agency Achtung! –  has created a campaign #Hashtag Holidays, which uses travel-related hashtags to recommend vacation destinations.

The promotion is for its “All-in-1” travel package, which allows travelers to call, text and use mobile data internationally for €2 per day (about $2.60).

Would-be travelers go to the specially designed #Hashtag Holiday site, which curates the most popular hashtags from social media activity in Europe’s most popular cities. Users searching today would be offered to choose between trending travel-related terms like #Foodporn, #Nofilter, #Partyhard, #YOLO (deep sigh), #Shopaholic, #Glamping (glamorous camping), #Touristshit and #Lovebirds.

So if you were to click on the #Lovebirds hashtag, the site would recommend Berlin as a destination because the tag is currently trending strongest in the German city. For some reason.

Users also have a chance to win a trip to their selected destinations each week by “checking in” to their destination on the site each Thursday. It’s a neat little interactive experience that brings social recommendation into travel in a new way. So what are you waiting for? Get thee on a plane to Germany, you love birds.
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