Hermès Makes Bling Sing In New Campaign

Luxury fashion brand Hermès has finally answered the age-old question not many people were asking: “what if silver had sound?”

To promote its new line of jewelry, Hermès – with the help of London-based art and design shop United Visual Artists and ad agency Dan Paris – created “The Sound of Hermès Silver,” a special laser sound installation using 16 pieces of silver from Hermès’s “Chaine d’ancre” collection.

As the bling spins on rotating displays through the lasers’ beams, the different shapes and thicknesses in the jewelry pieces create different sounds, which all come together in the video as a beautiful, haunting, futuristic symphony of sorts. (Brooklynites and dancehall denizens will be disappointed to learn it sounds nothing like LCD Soundsystem’s 2007  “Sound of Silver.”)

This isn’t the first time the luxury brand has created cool videos featuring its products in interesting and entertaining ways. Earlier this year, Hermès created a short video series “Long live sport!,” which used cutesy stop-motion videos to showcase products relating to a high-end sporting lifestyle.

Check out the “Sound of Hermès Silver” video below.

Image via Shutterstock

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