Google and Burberry Let You Send Digital Kisses

Google has partnered with Burberry to help people send digital kisses to friends and loved ones all over the world.

The campaign is called “Burberry Kisses” and it is part of Google’s “Art, Copy & Code” project, which looks at how the modern Web is shaping the future of advertising through experiments and projects with different brands. The way “Burberry Kisses” works is through a site that uses special “kiss-detection technology” via your computer’s or smartphone’s camera. You just have to pucker up to the designated area on the screen and click. Once your kiss is captured you can choose different shades of Burberry lipstick to color your kiss. You can then add a short message to go along with your kiss before you send it to someone on your Google+ friends list or via email. Once you hit send you see a special 3D animation of the kiss’s journey from your location to your recipients, fly from your city to the receiver’s destination across a 3D landscape, which incorporates Google StreetView images.

According to the Google Agency Blog, the idea behind this initiative was to create a new online interaction that millennials could relate to and that incorporated Burberry in a non-intrusive way. Burberry has done a lot of interesting digital campaigns over the past few years, like its “Smart Personalization” service special digital tags in clothing to give customers their own personalized digital experiences around their Burberry purchases.
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