Get Your ‘Breaking Bad’ on With New App

AMC’s hit series “Break Bad” returns for its final episodes starting Sunday, Aug. 11, and in anticipation AMC has created a fun Facebook app for fans.

The app is called “Breaking Bad Name Lab,” and it lets users format their name in the style of the show’s iconic logo, which uses periodic table symbols for letters. Users can then download their “Breaking Bad” style name images to their Facebook cover photo, Facebook or Twitter profile picture, or they can share it on Pinterest or Tumblr, or tweet it out.

For shows with cult followings, like “Breaking Bad” these kinds of personalization apps that let fans make something from the show customized for themselves are always an easy, fun way to get people to engage. Ever since “Elf Yourself” this format has proved continually successful — think AMC’s app “Mad Men Yourself” and HBO’s app “Join the Real” for “Game of Thrones.”
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