GE Takes Buzzfeed into Flight Mode

GE is taking flight on Buzzfeed, almost literally.

In an effort to promote GE Aviation at the Paris Air Show, which takes place June 17-23, GE went to Buzzfeed to create sponsored content related to aviation, along with new way to navigate the content on its site called “Flight Mode.”

“Flight Mode was conceptualized with the idea of combining GE’s most powerful engine, GE90, with the power of the social Web,” explained Jon Steinberg, president and COO of Buzzfeed.

Flight Mode it is meant to be an “aerial experience” of discovering content, but it’s not so much aerial as it is like playing a computer game. When you go to the Buzzfeed site’s “Flight Mode” version you see an animated plane take off and using your keyboard arrows you can steer the plane over different posts and use the space bar to select the ones you want to read.

Sponsored content posts that GE created for this campaign included “16 Amazing Things You’ll See At an Air Show” and this quiz video “Incredible Flight Discoveries That You Didn’t Know About.” As Steinberg noted, what is interesting is that we are beginning to see the “consumerization of B2B marketing,” as he put it.

“The people who influence and make large B2B purchases are the same people who enjoy consuming and sharing news and social emotional content on BuzzFeed,” said Steinberg, “With an audience of 60 million monthly readers, and targeting via real human to human sharing, we can ensure a message about aviation is received by those most interested.”

While the “Flight Mode” way of navigating content is mostly gimmicky, it is cool to see a publisher create a whole new way for people to consumer its content as part of a brand partnership. Just goes to show the new heights — yes, cheesy pun intended — that the future branded content is moving towards.
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