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From exposing irritating digital media archetypes to Bank of America’s Twitter Mishap and GIF’ing the Buzzfeed backlash, Digiday poked the industry underbelly this week. Here is some of the best of what you may have missed.

1. Bank Of America’s Epic Twitter Fail
Even though Bank of America’s Twitter feed isn’t run by bots, it sure looked like it a few days ago. At least one human staffer posted laughably off-topic canned responses to anti-bank anger in this brand social media disaster.

2.The Ad Tech Shakeout is Coming
Not all ad tech companies are alike. Many are unprofitable, and only time will show those that have sustainable business models from companies that might be piggy-backing on the market.

3. The 10 Worst People in Digital Media
Stereotypes exist for a reason. Whether it’s the delusional media planner or the douchebag agency creative, Digiday’s Jack Marshall offers an anatomy of the archetypes.

4. Retailers Knock Down Walls Between In-Store and Digital
Retailers like Sephora, Target, Ikea, and Home Depot are figuring out how to take mobile retail experiences right into the story with custom apps. Brick-and-mortar stores may sometimes be large and overwhelming, but these apps help customers navigate and provide opportunities to offer assistance.

5. 9 Incredible Examples of The BuzzFeed Backlash
When something gets as big as quickly as BuzzFeed has, it will inevitable experience a bit of pushback. For the social content engine, July 2013 may go down in history as the month the BuzzFeed backlash reached its tipping point.

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