The TV advertising market is in a period of upheaval. Streaming has already been ascendant, but the convergence of traditional TV and streaming has been catalyzed by linear TV’s limited ad availability and a long-awaited and very much in-process measurement overhaul. Meanwhile, streaming-only ad sellers have stepped up their pitches, even staking bigger positions in the annual upfront marketplace, as have TV network owners that have rolled out a raft of streaming-only properties over the past two years.

This flattening phase of what’s considered TV presents advertisers with some good problems to have. With audiences fragmenting between TV and streaming and even within streaming, how can advertisers ensure they are reaching enough of the right audience? With streaming lowering the barrier to entry to the TV screen for digital advertisers and enabling narrower targeting and more refined measurement, how must advertisers as a whole adjust their approaches? If people are watching everything from NFL games to YouTube videos on connected TV screens, what should an advertiser consider to be TV and, more importantly, what is a TV ad impression worth?

At Digiday’s Future of TV Advertising forum, hear from top executives at brands, agencies, TV networks and streaming services discuss how they are adapting to the TV ad market’s transformation.

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As an attendee of Digiday’s Future of TV Advertising Forum, you’ll also have access to our Future of TV Week virtual town hall, taking place November 8.

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