Join us at the Digiday Video Summit, where top executives in video, TV and publishing will explore the new opportunities and challenges in the digital video industry.

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Five Reasons To Attend

You know you want to attend a Digiday summit. The next step is to convince your company's leadership to help. Here are the benefits, cost breakdowns and testimonials from individuals who attend our summits to share with your company's leadership.


Past Attendees

I always find the Digiday Video events so productive. It's just the right amount of people and a diverse crowd in terms of responsibilities, so it's easy to make new business connections.

— director of partnerships, video, Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter

I get to learn where others in the industry are seeing success while still conducting my business as usual and closing deals in a more conversational environment. Digiday Summits are always the best!

— publisher, National Review

Digiday's events are consistently the most valuable that I attend each year. Between the education on the status of the industry, as well as highly tailored networking opportunities, I come back invigorated about the future of publishing and video.

— director of content strategy and products, AccuWeather

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