The New Video Economy

Reality has begun to set in among video makers: there is no guaranteed jackpot at the end of the video rainbow. What does the digital video market look like in 2018 and beyond when the big content buyers increasingly prefer TV-quality fare? How should video makers approach Facebook when it still hasn’t developed a sustainable ad product that benefits its video partners? What are the different models successful video publishers are employing to ensure growing returns on their investments? And where do the TV guys, after spending another year seeing dramatic losses in subscribers and ratings, fit in the evolving video landscape?

At the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit Europe, join top executives in digital video, TV and publishing as we seek to answer these questions and more.

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The Digiday Video Anywhere Summit is a highly, focused, purpose-driven experience, with huge opportunities to learn, network, and influence some change in our industry.

— VP of programming, Comcast

A valuable "State of the Union" for digital video.

— senior manager, video partnerships, Red Bull

Extremely valuable insights that will benefit our audience, business, clients in meaningful ways.

— vice president, Billboard Media Group

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