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It’s been a tough run for media agencies: They’ve been transformed by transparency concerns even as brands have begun to examine contracts more closely, and brand safety has been front and center as the online and platform environment gets murkier by the minute. New types of companies are transforming how brands are launched and marketed on various platforms, and the rise of new players in retail media has meant more complications. There’s also increased competition -- across platforms, within agencies and with the rise of new in-house media buying teams.

At the Digiday Media Buying Summit, we’ll explore how agencies are changing the way they operate as regulations and client requests get stronger. From the ins and outs of brand safety to new technologies to working across platforms, join us for a look at the challenges and opportunities ahead in 2021.


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Past Attendees

"It was great to hear about new-to-market opportunities that could be relevant for our clients."

— Vice President, Director of Media Planning, McCann Health Engagement

"I was able to meet a few vendors who I have already followed up with for real opportunities."

— Head of Development, Havas Media International

"The 8-Minute Meetings were brand new to me and I found them to be really enjoyable and productive."

— Associate Media Director, Mindshare

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