Brands, agencies, even publishers: Today, everyone has something to – literally – sell to consumers. Online advertising spots, email campaigns, social shopping and more have all become heated battlegrounds in a war not just for users’ attention, but for their wallets. With so many going direct to consumer at once, what will it take to stand out? 

Across our three brands, Digiday, Glossy, and Modern Retail, we’ll dive deep into the winning strategies and best practices powering the pivot in commerce. Please join us at Digiday Media Present’s Commerce Week on June 6-10, as we dissect these varying channels through insights from retail executives in the industry, case studies, and roundtable conversations.

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Modern Retail Virtual Forum
June 7 | Virtual

At the Modern Retail Virtual Forum, we’ll bring together senior retail marketers online to discuss the challenges they’re facing and the solutions they’re seeking in the era of smarter retail. Learn more.

Digiday Commerce for Publishers Forum
June 8 | Virtual

Join us as we bring together senior industry leaders virtually to discuss topics related to media and commerce. Learn more.

Modern Retail Commerce Leaders Dinner
June 8 | NYC

The Modern Retail Leaders Dinner is an exclusive, invitation-only dinner bringing together some of the most influential leaders in commerce. Apply to request an invitation.

Glossy E-Commerce Forum
June 9 | NYC

Join us at the Glossy E-Commerce Forum, where we’ll explore the state of online shopping and how traditional players are adjusting to compete. Learn more.

DTC Dinner UK
June 9 | London

Digiday, Glossy and Modern Retail will bring together some of the most influential e-commerce and marketing leaders for an exclusive, invitation-only dinner in London. Apply to request an invitation.

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