Cross-screen transplants: How to adapt TV ads for digital

Digital advertisers often see video content as a channel-agnostic panacea. But using the same content across the web, even embedded in your display ads, isn’t the answer. Just because it works on TV doesn’t mean it belongs in a banner.

A little extra work can go a long way: Turning your standard video ads into a native, interactive brand experience is an engaging way to get the results you want.

Here are three things to keep in mind when tailoring video content for digital display advertising:

TV is passive, digital is active
Traditional TV commercials are designed to guide a passive audience along a linear narrative. There’s not much room for interactivity or creative presentation. But the sort of “on-demand” narrative enabled by digital inspires users to be more active and involved in their content consumption. Avoid one-way broadcasting.

Know your goals
Before adapting a TV ad to the digital plane, know your goals. Do you want the audience’s full attention? Do you want interaction? The answers to those questions will help decide just how you expand your traditional spot for an online audience

Find the right format
There is a variety of digital display ad formats, and finding the right mix can carry consumers all the way through the marketing funnel. Adding standard, in-feed native and rich media video display formats to your roster will help you make the most of your digital channels’ immense potential.

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