Judging by the recent spate of newly funded start-ups, social media appears to be the last one standing in a dicey world economy. The following is a round-up of recent venture capital news.

JP Morgan plans to raise between $500 million and $750 million to invest in late-stage digital media and internet companies, according to the WSJ …  Zynga may be valued at between $7 and $9 billion and is reportedly in talks to raise a cool $250 million from VC, per MarketWatch … Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom plans to channel major funds into Chinese internet start-ups reports the Asia Times… Now BusinessWeek says Google and Facebook are vying to buy Twitter  BusinessWeek… Uh-Oh! According to Google CEO, this may be the 90’s again. According to Eric Schmidt, there are “clear signs of a bubble.” Reuters

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