We look forward to meeting you at a Digiday Summit very soon. Before you arrive, make the best of your investment by learning how to make the most of your 8-Minute Meetings.

First, here’s how the meetings work: Book your meetings with VIPs of your choice two weeks before the summit through a special link sent straight to the email address you used to purchase the ticket. On Days 1 and 2, there are three 8-Minute Meetings blocks, each one hour long. You pitch your business face to face to a VIP attendee for eight minutes, then move on to your next meeting. By the end of the hour, you will hopefully have landed new business.

Here are four ways to make the most of your meetings:

  • When booking your 8-Minute Meetings, don’t just look at the VIP’s title and company — also look at their specialty. This ensures a better business match for your meetings and potentially, more business closed.
  • Research the VIP’s business and their challenges in the digital media or marketing space. It’s obvious, but it puts you in a strong position to present your product or technology as the solution. It will also help you adjust your pitch, since you only have eight minutes to make it.
  • Have every minute of your pitch mapped out. It’s a fast-paced pitch, and eight minutes is shorter than you think.
  • Before the meetings take place, scope out the room and locate where your VIPs will be seated. You will be the one on the move from one meeting to the next, and precious time is lost if you don’t know where your VIPs are located.

Note: Even if you miss a meeting, don’t worry. The 8-Minute Meetings session on the evening of Day 2 is dedicated to making up for lost meetings, so take advantage of it.

Still have questions about your 8-Minute Meetings? Get in touch with a member of our events today.