Title Community Manager
Company GasPedal
Location Austin, TX
Industry Social Media
Duration Full-Time

The important things:

  • No politics.
  • No jerks — as customers or coworkers.
  • Minimum required travel (just our own events).
  • Limited work hours and rare nights/weekend work.
  • You’re not expected to check email on personal time.
  • A place to build a career and a work family.

Our favorite perks:

  • Flexible hours.
  • Standing and treadmill desks.
  • Good computers — current generation Mac or PC (whichever is your favorite).
  • Nice gear, like big monitors, awesome headsets, and fancy headphones.
  • Friday lunch and lots of healthy snacks.
  • Unlimited great coffee.
  • Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper.


  • Quarterly cash bonus program tied to company profits.
  • A great health plan, including dental and vision coverage. We pay 90% of the employee costs. You can add family coverage at your own expense.
  • Up to 12 weeks of maternity / paternity leave.
  • Domestic partner program for all applicable programs.
  • A guest house in Austin for staff use with 44 acres of private outdoor recreation space.
  • 401(k) plan.
  • $50/month gym subsidy.
  • $50/month smartphone subsidy.
  • $80 eBook reader subsidy every 24 months.
  • Unlimited business book and magazine reimbursement.
  • Transit reimbursement (Chicago only; allows employees to use pre-tax deductions to save up to 40% on annual transit spending).
  • Charitable donation matching up to $100 per year.
  • Extensive PTO and sick days. Plus, we’re often closed for extra time around Thanksgiving and December holidays.
  • Short-term and long-term disability, plus life insurance.
Compensation We offer good pay, plus great benefits, perks, and bonuses.

Community Managers deliver our flagship product — an amazing community experience with deep conversations and strong personal relationships. Your job is to lead a group of senior-level executives as they struggle with the challenges of social media. You’ll facilitate fascinating peer-to-peer conversations — through email discussions, conference calls, and in-person meetings. You’ll welcome our new members, get them involved, nudge them to share, and help them connect with each other. All that will be backed up by detailed execution of our community management best practices.

This is a senior-level role that requires experience with moderation or facilitation, a proven ability to master complex business topics, extraordinary people skills, and excellent communication skills. You’ll need experience with senior marketing executives so you can relate to their interests and needs. We use great tech and databases to scale our extraordinary experience, so you’ll need to love the detailed administrative and analytical side too.

If you don’t have experience with social media, community management, or moderation — let’s talk about how to get there. People do well in this job with a variety of backgrounds, including journalism, politics, trade associations, public relations, and corporate marketing.

This is an intensely interesting job.

Our Community Managers create a thrilling, productive, nowhere-else-on-earth experience for our members. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard: Did we earn the LOVE of each member? It’s a crazy, ridiculous goal. But we do it again and again.

The work you’ll do makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our members. They’re the heads of social media at the world’s greatest brands, and they have a tough, lonely, and important job. You’ll surround them with other social media leaders who understand them and the challenges they face. You’ll help us be their family and support — and by doing so, you’ll help them be great at their jobs. When these companies get better at social media, they become more open, transparent, honest, and kind — and that’s a win for everyone. (Take a look at who you’ll be working with every day: http://socialmedia.org/members)

Our members have deep, huggy relationships. We love taking care of them, supporting them, and making sure they know our community is a safe space where they can share with trusted friends. There is an emotional commitment to this job, and you’ll be building very close relationships with the members of your community. Only apply if you’re ready for a long-term commitment to a deep emotional and intellectual engagement.


You’ll be on an amazing team.

Community Managers are the center of the action, our largest department, and have a strong voice in the way we work and how we run the business.

If you’ve worked solo or on a small team, you’re going to love being here. You’ll collaborate all day with people who do what you do. You’ll have backup so you can have a normal life and not have to worry about what’s happening in your community after hours.

It makes the life of a community manager fantastic. It’s like the difference between being the solo creative person at a manufacturing company, or being at a top ad agency where everyone is part of the creative process.

Community is what we do here, and every department is focused on community first. We’re passionate about the art and science of community management. We start with best practices and then take it to the next level as we reinvent the profession. We’re constantly refining, documenting, and scaling systems that allow us to keep delivering a quality experience as we grow. Our expertise comes from diverse sources such as social media, church recruiting, grassroots politics, and word of mouth marketing.

Here’s what our Community Managers do:

Community Managers create an amazing member experience that delivers extraordinary “nowhere else” value and makes our members fall in love. You’re the expert leader, and you’re always in control of the group — like a director or stage manager, with our members in the spotlight.

You’ll provide everyday above-and-beyond customer service and support while protecting the culture and standards of the community. You’ll know enough about corporate social media to lead the conversation, while letting the members do the talking. You’ll work proactively, always looking for ways to provide deep value before our members think to ask for it. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Moderate and facilitate conversations: You create high-value peer-to-peer conversations based on your knowledge of our members and the industry.
  • Maintain high standards: You’re a tough screener and moderator, guaranteeing a focused, low-clutter conversation with only the most qualified members.
  • Build relationships: You systematically build relationships with members and, more importantly, between members, to foster a collaborative, trusted atmosphere. You connect members with each other to build camaraderie, friendships, and a caring community.
  • Promote member participation: You’re reaching out to members every day to get them involved and engaged. You are the one that opens that door and welcomes them, encouraging them until they feel truly comfortable contributing.
  • Member service: You deliver wow-level customer service that makes our members fall in love.
  • Community management: You run a rigorous process around the fundamentals of member administration, analytics, and lifecycle events, enabling you to deliver deep quality at scale. You shepherd the member through the critical moments of their relationship with us — the welcome and screening process, ongoing engagement and encouragement, and the renewal process.


Read this before you apply: What we don’t do

We’re not social media consultants or an agency. We don’t do social media content or campaigns. If you want to DO social media content or marketing — this is not the right job.

There are two kinds of community managers in the world: 1. Those who post and curate social media content online to encourage and attract fans — we don’t do this at all. 2. Those that moderate a group of people who are talking with each other — this is what we do, and we’re looking for people who’ve done it before.


Some important details:

How to get this job: Submit an application at http://wom.us/1EvZ5P3. We want to see a great cover letter, resume, and anything else that shows us how you think and work. Show us what you’ve done and how you can do it for us.

Location: This is a full-time, in-the-office position based in Austin. No relocation assistance is provided, and we’re not hiring telecommuters.

Compensation: We offer good pay, plus great benefits, perks, and bonuses. We’re never going to have an IPO or sell out to a bigger company — we’re in this for the long term. Financials are transparent, and we all succeed together.


Great communicator and writer. You can communicate in a professional, personable manner appropriate to executives at big brands -- online, in person, and in social media. You have excellent writing skills with extraordinarily high standards.

Genuine interest in social media as it's used by big companies and a passion for learning more. You're knowledgeable and conversational about the business, the people, the tech, and current events. You're a curious, self-directed learner. If you don't know this topic yet, convince us that you can master it quickly.

Loves to provide extraordinary customer service. You go above and beyond; you love to thrill and delight.

Experience with executives and a professional presence. You understand executives at big companies, what they need, and how to engage them. You have a professional demeanor and communications style (online, in person, and in social media). You're a comfortable and natural leader of a group who can take charge of a room.

Team player. You succeed by helping others succeed. You love to be part of a team that is working together to support the greater mission.

Offstage leader. You want to be the theater director, not the actor -- working behind the scenes to help our members thrive in the spotlight. Members get the attention, while you're the person setting them up to look good.

About Our Company

What we do:

We're GasPedal, the company that manages WordofMouth.org, SocialMedia.org, and new brands coming soon.

We spend our days helping the good guys win.

We create peer communities for the people doing meaningful work at really big companies. We surround them with friends and support so they can achieve their mission -- and this helps them improve the lives of their millions of customers and employees. We love to find these people, support them, help them thrive, and make them stars.

Currently we do this for the people running social media and word of mouth marketing. Soon we'll be adding communities for new topics such as sustainability and wellness.

We believe businesses everywhere are discovering that honest, ethical customer love is the most powerful kind of marketing. They are learning to listen, to obsess over customer experience, to treat people like people, to value values, to be part of the community -- to be nice. We help them do it.

Learn more at gaspedal.com, socialmedia.org, wordofmouth.org, and damniwish.com.


What it's like to work with us:

Learn all about our company culture at gaspedal.com. We're quirky, so you should read it carefully before you apply.

Imagine never having another boring day at work. We work intensely at the office -- and then we go home, on time, to our families and personal lives. We have rational work policies that enable a healthy, sustainable work life, and we combine that with amazing energy and productivity to do astonishingly good work every day. We don't know it all, but we're figuring it out together and having a great time doing it.

You'll like our team. We only work with people we like, people who care, and people devoted to the cause. There are no office politics, whiners, slackers, or jerks. (We also reject customers that don't treat our employees well.) We're dedicated, we're driven, and you'll enjoy spending your days with us.