Yield Analyst

Job Category: Ad Technology

Type of Job: Research / Analyst

Position: Full Time

Location:  New York, New York


·       Overall responsibility: drive thought leadership in utilizing AdTheorent's proprietary media trading platform

·       Primary responsibility: ensure fulfillment, performance and profitability across a portfolio of campaigns; this includes responsibility for emergency response

·       Second responsibility: investigate in new ways to drive engagement with audiences within mobile RTB, including application of existing academic theories: graph theory, network theory, topology, effective field theory, gauge theory, statistical learning, control theory, adaptive resonance theory, fuzzy set theory


·       Bachelor's degree in math, physics, engineering preferred

·       0-2 years general work experience outside of online media

·       Demonstrated passion in science and impatience for immediate testing and application of theory

·       Fluent or self-taught in excel with a proven background of creative problem-solving techniques

·       Understanding of SQL and data extraction is a plus, willingness to learn is a must

·       Exceptional and proven skills to solve quantitative puzzles

·       Desire to communicate clearly across departments

·       Ability to effectively manage multiple priorities and deadlines with strong attention to detail

·       Ability to develop high level knowledge of ad server technology, user-level data, media attribution, and general digital media tracking/data landscape

·       Demonstrated ability to ask intelligent questions, in order to develop working knowledge of campaign management via RTB and exchange environments

·       Must be comfortable interacting across multiple departments, understand needs of other stakeholders

·       Have confidence to defend your opinion logically and respectfully, and have empathy to listen to and understand other’s points of views

·       Desire to thrive in a constantly changing and dynamic startup environment