The Digiday Signal Awards recognize the technology platforms that are bringing efficiency, effectiveness and creativity to the media and marketing processes for brands, agencies and publishers. Over the years, the awards have honored industry leading work from companies like Saatchi & Saatchi LA, xAd and 33Across.

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Early Deadline: April 28, 2017 - $395 per entry
Regular Deadline: May 19, 2017 - $495 per entry
Final Deadline: June 9, 2017 - $695 per entry


  • Best Audience Measurement Platform

    Recognizing the most outstanding audience measurement data platform and solution.

  • Best Cloud Data Integration Platform

    Recognizing the leading platform in cloud and data integration and tag management.

  • Best Data Management Platform

    Honoring the top DPM in today’s industry.

  • Best Marketing Analytics/Attribution Platform

    Honoring the leading analytics tools and platform that measures the entire marketing funnel.

  • Best Marketing Dashboard Software

    Honoring the best dashboard platform for marketing and data visualization.

  • Best Mobile (& Web) Analytics Platform

    Recognizing the top platform for mobile app. analytics.

  • Best CMS and Web Content Management Platform

    Recognizing the top CMS platform that hosts and displays data across the web.

  • Best Content Marketing Platform

    Recognizing the best content marketing software for content creation, management, distribution and beyond.

  • Best Email Marketing Platform

    Recognizing the best email service provider that delivers personalized communications and drives customer engagement.

  • Best Interactive Content Platform

    Recognizing the best survey and feedback platform that maximizes user interactivity.

  • Best Marketing Automation Platform

    Recognizing the top technology platform that promotes effective marketing across multiple channels.

  • Best Mobile App Platform

    Recognizing the best mobile app development platform.

  • Best Testing & Personalization Platform

    Recognizing the best all-in-one optimization, personalization and testing platform.

  • Best E-Commerce Platform & Carts

    Honoring the best ecommerce platform and shopping software.

  • Best Location-Based Platforms

    Honoring the best location-based services technology platform for consumer marketing.

  • Best Sales Automation Tools & Platform

    Recognizing the best sales automation tools that turn leads into customers and minimize the manual effort.

  • Best Social Media Marketing Platform

    Recognizing the best social media marketing tools, platform and services that manage and scale online marketing efforts.

  • Best Influencer Marketing Platform

    Recognizing the best influencer marketing platform used to amplify content across appropriate platforms to amplify brand objectives.

  • Best Video Marketing & Advertising Platform

    Recognizing the leading video platform and ad serving solution.

  • Best Search & Social Advertising Platform

    Recognizing the best social advertising platforms that automate advertisement placement for social networking sites.

  • Best Native/Content Advertising Platform

    Recognizing the leading recommendation and native advertising platform that boosts ad revenue and higher engagement.

  • Best Mobile Marketing Platform

    Recognizing the technology platform that provides the best cross-device solutions for optimal mobile marketing.

  • Best Display & Programmatic Advertising Platform

    Recognizing the top supply and demand side platforms in today’s programmatic advertising ecosystem.

  • Best Search Engine Optimization Platform

    Honoring the top SEO tools or platform that automate and bring more efficiency.

  • Best Event & Meeting Software

    Recognizing the best technology platform for hosting meetings, events and webinars.

  • Best CRM Platform

    Recognizing the best CRM software and tools for managing customer data, interactions and relationships.

  • Best Retail Technology

    Recognizing the technology most enhancing the shopping experience, online or offline.

Entry Process

  • 1

    Choose the category or categories you wish to enter.

  • 2

    Enter platform details and answer a few short questions.

  • 3

    Upload a case study showcasing how your technology works.

  • 4

    Submit your entry fee payment online.

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