Awards Gala | September 2017 | London, England

The Digiday Content Marketing Europe awards recognize the content that connects brands to audiences across channels including mobile, social, video and more.

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Early Deadline: May 19, 2017 - $395 per entry
Regular Deadline: June 16, 2017 - $495 per entry
Final Deadline: June 23, 2017 - $695 per entry


  • Best Agency/Client Collaboration

    Recognizing outstanding agency-client collaboration in the development of innovative, effective and creative solutions.

  • Best Brand/Influencer Collaboration

    Honoring the best collaboration between a brand and influencers to further the brand’s reach, increase awareness and drive results.

  • Best Experiential Marketing Campaign new

    Honoring the best experiential marketing campaign by a brand, agency or publisher to connect with the consumer and encourage brand loyalty through an indoor and/or outdoor experience.

  • Best New Product or Launch Campaign

    Recognizing the most outstanding content marketing campaign for the promotion of a new product or publication that generated buzz, built awareness and connected with its intended audience.

  • Best Use of Native Advertising/Sponsored Content

    Awarding the most outstanding use of native advertising or sponsored content across multiple platforms that engaged, informed and promoted a brand, product or service to consumers.

  • Best Brand Publication - Print and/or Digital

    Honoring the most outstanding print or digital magazine created by a brand for the promotion of their brand, products or services.

  • Best Branded Content Site - B2B new

    Awarding the most outstanding b2b content destination including, but not limited to, a blog, microsite or landing page to promote  a brand, product or service to consumers.

  • Best Branded Content Site - B2C

    Awarding the most outstanding consumer content destination including, but not limited to, a blog, microsite or landing page to promote a brand, product or service.

  • Best Branded Content Series

    Recognizing the most outstanding ongoing, long-term branded content series created by a brand, agency or publisher.

  • Most Original Email Campaign

    Honoring the most original branded email campaign that has most effectively and consistently engaged and informed an audience in a unique way.

  • Most Original Use of Facebook

    Honoring the most original use of Facebook by a brand, agency or publisher using targeting technology and new platform features to promote a brand, product or service.

  • Most Original Use of Twitter

    Honoring the most original use of the latest developments on Twitter, including but not limited to Twitter Moments and increased character numbers to promote a brand, product or service.

  • Best Use of Instagram

    Awarding the brand, agency or publisher that has most effectively used Instagram’s newest developments, including Stories and zoom capabilities, in creative storytelling and audience engagement.

  • Best Use of Snapchat

    Awarding the best use of Snapchat by a brand, agency or publisher to promote a brand, product or service using Snapchat’s unique features such as Discover, Live and QR codes.

  • Best Use of Video

    Best use of video by a brand, agency or publisher to distribute content, connect with an audience and communicate messaging.

  • Best Use of Real-Time Streaming Video

    Presented to the brand, agency or publisher that has used streaming platforms, such as Facebook Live, Periscope, or other, to reach its existing audience and attract new viewers.

  • Best User-Generated Content

    Awarding the most effective and creative use of content generated by fans for increasing brand awareness.

  • Most Influential Brand Community new

    Honoring the brand with the most influential community affiliated unofficially or officially with a brand for promoting social good and/or awareness of the brand.

  • Most Innovative Use of Content

    Awarding the most creative content marketing format, unit, or use of various forms of advertising online or across multiple platforms to promote a brand, product, or service to consumers.

  • Best In-House Content/Brand Studio

    Presented to a publisher’s in-house content studio that has consistently produced compelling content to promote a client’s brand, product or service.

  • Most Effective/Measurable Campaign

    Recognizing creative work that has produced measurable and proven impact on business objectives, including but not limited to, brand equity, sales and profit, where identifiable.

  • Best Interactive Content Piece or Series

    Honoring the best display of interactive content that allowed users to participate in the experience, whether it’s through a survey, tool, infographic or other.

  • Best Content Marketing Tech Platform

    Recognizing the best technology platform that helps brands connect with their audiences through the use of mobile, video, data, analytics, social and/or visual storytelling online

  • Best Content Marketing Agency

    Awarded to a standalone agency (not in-house at a media company) for best use of written, video, social, mobile or other forms of branded content across multiple platforms to promote a client’s brand, product or service to consumers.

  • Content Marketer of the Year

    Honoring a leading thinker in the marketing world whose vision, innovative marketing tactics and leadership stand out amongst the competition.

  • Content Marketing Team of the Year

    Presented to the in-house marketing team that has produced world-class campaigns and innovative marketing for the promotion of a brand, product or service.

How to Enter

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    Enter platform details and answer a few short questions.

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    Upload Work

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Judging Criteria

The judges will be looking for companies or campaigns that can clearly demonstrate transparent success over the past 12 months. Our judges are seeking companies or campaigns that have seized challenges and created opportunities.

Judges will require evidence to substantiate all entries and this could include details of financial performance, results in terms of KPI, creative evidence in terms of sizzle reel, still images, or links to the final project. The judges will also consider the structure, presentation and clarity of each entry.

Entries should relate to business conducted from March 2016 – April 2017.

The Judging Process

Judges will read and pre-score all entry forms, considering any supporting materials submitted. Judges will be asked to give a score for each question within the entry form relating to Digiday's four criteria: innovation, creativity, consumer value, and results. These will be combined to give an overall score for each entry. All judges pre-scores will then be combined and the highest scoring entries will determine the shortlists.

Judges will meet to discuss the highest scoring entries and then agree the winner for each category. The shortlists will be announced in May, 2017. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in London this upcoming June.


All material will remain confidential to the judges, who are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Winning case studies may be used in post-event materials to promote best practice and permission will be sought from entrants before publishing these.

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