To judge the state of digital work culture by its representations in popular media would be to judge it unkindly. The New Economy has faced scathing pop culture attacks, from Fight Club and Office Space to more recent parodies like Silicon Valley.

Still, about 40 percent of digital workers do say they expect to leave their current job in a year or less, and no matter how you spin it, that number is a bad sign. We conducted a survey of 378 digital media professionals (including those at brands, agencies, publishers and more) and it drives home some crucial facts: The peculiarities of our technology and the sorts of partnerships that characterize digital marketing are creating problems that need to be overcome.

In this report, you’ll learn…

  • Why expectations are set to “always on” thanks to the perfect union of cloud computing and mobile technology.
  • How everyone from interns to CEOs are taking steps to improve their work-life balance.
  • Why our work attention spans are ever-shrinking due to digital interruptions.

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