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CEO, Nick Friese,

president and editor-in-chief, Brian Morrissey,

chief client officer, Paul Borselli,

executive editor, Brian Braiker,

managing editor, Shareen Pathak,

senior editor, Lucia Moses,

UK editor, Jess Davies,

UK senior writer/reporter, Lucinda Southern,

senior reporter, Glossy, Hilary Milnes,

reporter, Sahil Patel,

brands reporter, Tanya Dua,

brands reporter, Yuyu Chen,

UK brands reporter, Grace Caffyn,

platforms reporter, Max Willens,

junior reporter, Glossy, Bethany Biron,

multimedia producer, Caitlan Arthur,

junior producer and reporter, Jemma Brackebush,

senior manager, Audience Development, Aaron Gottlieb,

managing director, Custom, Deanna Zammit,

associate creative director, Adrianne Read,

senior creative strategist, Custom, David Amrani,

digital media writer, Custom, Evan DeSimone,

digital media writer, Custom, Jess Klein,

client engagement manager, Custom, Aly Lespier,

junior art director, Custom, Joe Geoghan,

marketing director, Mike Madarasz,

content marketing manager, Caroline Bottger,

chief product officer, Peter Surrena,

art director, Matt Fraher,

senior designer, Scott Rosser, 

designer, Kyle Kim,

developer, Cort Harlow,

general manager, Megan Knapp,

events content director, Monika Honig,

events content manager, Hayley Adelson,

awards programs manager, Kelsey Lundstrom,

events manager, Tara Hutton,

events manager, Grace Kim,

events coordinator, Taylor Johnson,

EVP, global brand development, Nancy Picker,

VP client engagement, Neil Strow,

brand development director, Gerry Houser,

client engagement director, Debbie Dunbar,

client engagement/advertising director, Anthony Capalbo,

client engagement director, Andrew Carlin,

client engagement director, Ben Darche,

client service and audience development director, EMEA, Martin Belk,

client service manager, Tyler Kamen,

client service manager, Kevin Lee,

client engagement manager, Jonathan Messina,

client engagement manager, Kareem Ameen,

brand development coordinator, Sara Ceballos,

controller, John Sol,

senior accountant, Mary Ann Boyd,

finance analyst, Abul Hasan,

VP HR/office operations, Andrea Sontz,

HR/office operations coordinator, Irene Entringer,

product manager, Digiday Careers, Caleb Li,

client outreach, Digiday Careers, Erica Taylor,