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CEO, Nick Friese, nick@digiday.com

president and editor-in-chief, Brian Morrissey, bmorrissey@digiday.com

The Digiday WorkLife Awards

Early deadline
May 12, 2017

chief client officer, Paul Borselli, paul@digiday.com

executive editor, Brian Braiker, bbraiker@digiday.com

managing editor, Shareen Pathak, shareen@digiday.com

senior editor, Lucia Moses, lucia@digiday.com

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UK editor, Jess Davies, jess@digiday.com

UK senior writer/reporter, Lucinda Southern, lucinda@digiday.com

senior reporter, Sahil Patel, sahil@digiday.com

brands reporter, Tanya Dua, tanya@digiday.com

brands reporter, Yuyu Chen, yuyu@digiday.com

UK brands reporter, Grace Caffyn, grace@digiday.com

platforms reporter, Max Willens, max@digiday.com

platforms reporter, Ross Benes, ross@digiday.com

editor-in-chief, Glossy, Jill Manoff, jill@digiday.com

senior reporter, Glossy, Hilary Milnes, hilary@digiday.com

reporter, Glossy, Jessica Schiffer, jessica@digiday.com

junior reporter, Glossy, Bethany Biron, bethany@digiday.com

reporter, finance and financial technology, Suman Bhattacharyya, suman@digiday.com

reporter, finance and financial technology, Tanaya Macheel, tanaya@digiday.com

junior multimedia producer, Aditi Sangal, aditi@digiday.com

senior manager, Audience Development, Aaron Gottlieb, aaron@digiday.com

head of content production and operations, Custom, Deanna Zammit, deanna@digiday.com

senior creative strategist, Custom, David Amrani, david@digiday.com

assistant strategist, Custom, Chen Shao, chen@digiday.com

senior writer, Custom, Evan DeSimone, evan@digiday.com

digital media writer, Custom, Jess Klein, jklein@digiday.com

account executive, Custom, Aly Lespier, aly@digiday.com

junior art director, Custom, Joe Geoghan, joe@digiday.com

coordinator, Custom, Lucia Morris, lmorris@digiday.com

marketing director, Mike Madarasz, mike@digiday.com

content marketing manager, Caroline Bottger, caroline@digiday.com

marketing coordinator, Heidi Meyers, heidi@digiday.com

marketing manager, digiday careers, Kevin Lee, kevin@digiday.com

chief product officer, Peter Surrena, peter@digiday.com

senior designer, Scott Rosser, scott@digiday.com 

designer, Kyle Kim, kyle@digiday.com

developer, Cort Harlow, cort@digiday.com

general manager, Megan Knapp, megan@digiday.com

events content director, Monika Honig, monika@digiday.com

events content editor, Angela Barnett, angela@digiday.com

awards programs manager, Kelsey Lundstrom, kelsey@digiday.com

client engagement manager, awards programs, Lauren Lankford, lauren@digiday.com

events manager, Tara Hutton, tara@digiday.com

events manager, Grace Kim, gkim@digiday.com

events coordinator, Christina Henry, christina@digiday.com 

EVP, global brand development, Nancy Picker, nancy@digiday.com

VP client engagement, Neil Strow, neil@digiday.com

brand development director, Gerry Houser, gerry@digiday.com

client engagement director, Debbie Dunbar, debbie@digiday.com

client engagement director, Andrew Carlin, andrew@digiday.com

client engagement director, Ben Darche, ben@digiday.com

client service and audience development director, EMEA, Martin Belk, martin@digiday.com

client engagement director, EMEA, Thomas Pickering, thom@digiday.com

client engagement director, Glossy, Elizabeth Kellick, elizabeth@digiday.com

client service manager, Tyler Kamen, tyler@digiday.com

client service manager, Jonathan Messina, jonathan@digiday.com

brand development coordinator, Sara Ceballos, sara@digiday.com

business development, paid programs, Erica Taylor, erica@digiday.com

chief financial officer, John Sol, john@digiday.com

senior accountant, Mary Ann Boyd, maryann@digiday.com

finance analyst, Abul Hasan, abul@digiday.com

VP HR/office operations, Andrea Sontz, andrea@digiday.com

HR/office operations coordinator, Irene Entringer, irene@digiday.com