CES Coverage
We’ll be going to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Showcase, the first big advertising event of the year. CES is where technology meets media. Once an event to see the latest flat-screens, it is now a must-attend gathering for digital media and marketing. Our coverage will feature the big trends of the event and the boldface names.

Retail Meets Tech
Both online and in store, retailers are looking for ways to integrate the consumer experience with next big thing in tech. From beacons, to buy buttons, to virtual reality, tech is touching all points on the path to purchase, and it’s on brands to keep up or get left behind. This series will explore, in four parts, which retailers are embracing new technology to improve the modern customer experience.

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting
Digiday will head to the IAB’s annual gathering, where industry leaders will confront the challenges facing digital media and advertising — and the opportunities. Coverage will include interviews with key players and coverage of the news coming from the event.

Mobile World Congress Coverage
Digiday is heading to the biggest gathering of the year for the mobile world. Our coverage will focus on the big trends of the big names of the event.

Mobile Monetization for Publishers
If mobile is the future of media, publishers still aren’t seeing it in their bottom lines. The mobile monetization gap is still a sticking point for publishers, whose ability to make money off mobile screens pales in comparison to the what the twin behemoths of Facebook and Google have been able to pull off. This series will profile how some publishers are actually turning mobile eyeballs into mobile dollars.

Agencies Shaping Programmatic Future
Everyone wants to crack programmatic. But few are actually making that happen. This series will profile four agencies that are answering the call for automation and efficiency by overhauling outdated internal and external structures.

SXSW Coverage
Digiday returns to SXSW to cover the key players, the news of the week and what happens when the media and marketing worlds collide with those making change happen with startups and technology companies. The series will include text, photos and video.

4A’s Transformation Coverage
Digiday will be on the ground at the largest gathering of agency leaders to cover the changing nature of the increasingly fragmented agency business. The series will include interviews and stories about the biggest topics of the day.

Digiday @ UpFronts/New Fronts
The worlds of TV and digital video are colliding. Nowhere is this more apparent than during the spring upfront/NewFront cycle, where TV networks and digital publishers, networks and even platforms pitch advertisers on their 2016 content plans. This series will cover the importantt trends in the video business from a content and advertising perspective, and what’s actually resonating between buyers and sellers. It will include text, video and photo.

Publishers Keeping Pace in Programmatic
For publishers, programmatic has come a long way from its initial associations with cheap, remnant inventory. Today, publishers are going all in, attempting to find the right balance between their direct-sold inventory and the inventory they sell on exchanges. But the space movies fast, and many publishers are still working out techniques such as header bidding, while also getting their teams up to speed with this new way of selling. This series will profile the publishers that are making it work.

Brands Meeting Programmatic
Programmatic came, saw and caused some issues. While some brands have gone all in on programmatic buying, others are backing out. This series will outline the experiences of four different brands and how their programmatic journeys have been going.

Native Advertising Special Series
Publishers have warmed to the idea that so-called native ad formats can be a way to diversify their ad revenue while letting advertisers trade on their editorial heritage. But they still face questions about how to scale it, staff for it, label it and charge for it. This series will explore the different approaches publishers are taking and with what effect.

Cannes Lions Coverage
As the upper echelons of the media and marketing industries descends on the South of France, Digiday will be on hand to interview key personalities, write about trends and take you inside the scene on the Croisette. This series will include behind the scenes video and photos, as well as stories from the biggest gathering of media and marketing in the world.

Content Strategies for Retailers
It’s been beaten over retailers heads in recent years: In order to appeal to the authenticity-hungry consumers, you must have a personal story. As a result, retailers now wear the hats as content creators, on their personal blogs, in the form of fleshed-out publication arms, and on social media. But no matter how skilled the retailers are at storytelling, the end goal is the same: to figure out how to make the content shoppable. In this series, we’ll look at how content is evolving for retailers, and whether or not it truly helps drive the bottom line.

Agencies: Today’s Rising Stars
We see the people at the top, but who are the people working in the trenches, slowly rising up the ranks? These are the people transforming their own departments — from innovation to account management — and replacing obsolete mechanisms and processes with avant-garde ones.

Content Strategies for Brands as Publishers
Everyone’s a publisher now: New platforms and an increased understanding of the role content plays has pushed brands to either force their agencies to do more content, or take it upon themselves to build out offerings. This series will examine how brands can do the best content possible, with interviews with brand execs on how they figured out the best content strategy for their companies.f

DMexCo Coverage
Digiday will head to Cologne, Germnay, for Europe’s largest gathering of marketing, media and technology. Coverage will include interviews with key players and the news coming from the event.

2016 Advertising Week Coverage
Digiday will cover the biggest panels and trends coming out of Advertising Week New York, where 95,000 attendees descend on Times Square to debate the future of media, marketing and culture.

The Digiday List of CMOs
Who are the CMOs that are transforming brand marketing both internally and externally? This series will profile a handful of brand marketing leaders that are ahead of the curve when it comes to social media and digital experimentation and are actually driving the bottom line.

Programmatic TV
For most of its history, TV advertising has been transacted in the old-fashioned way: using ratings and relationships to plan, buy and manage campaigns. Now, a growing group of companies want to make TV advertising act a little more like its digital cousin by introducing automation. But is this a real possibility, or only a fringe tactic for a decades-old medium? This series will examine the big trends and companies behind the so-called rise of programmatic TV.

Marketing Meets Tech: What Comes Next
Technology has wrought a lot of changes. For brand marketers, many of those have been internal. This series will take a look at how technology has changed the internal processes at brands, whether it comes to employee engagement, a fresh way to collect and communicate consumer insights and data or present the brands’ external face to the world.